“He raped me in my own father’s house” – lady accuses Nigerian man

A Nigerian man identified as Damolako on Twitter is being accused by a Nigerian lady, @hey_anjiee for allegedly raping her.

According to the tweets posted by the lady, Damolako allegedly raped her in her father’s house.

Read her tweets and screenshots below.

I tried to live with your apology @Damolako because I thought it was your first time but seeing that you’ve abused others as well @justduns@elharsh I gathered the strength to do this. You raped me on Nov 8, 2018 and I haven’t been the same ever since. I deserve Justice.

Now he’s calling me on WhatsApp trying to deny when there’s fucking proof. There’s an admission of guilt. I knew this could happen and that was why I made sure he knew what he had done. He’s on my WhatsApp right denying, this guy is honestly sick!!!!!

I picked up and he’s begging me to take the screenshots down, telling me he just remembered what happened that day. What kind of animal is this?!

Ladies, he has a pattern, he says things and he manipulates. Till this day, I don’t understand how I didn’t immediately cut all ties with him. He would still comment on my posts on WhatsApp and crack jokes… I have something else to share with you guys

He wouldn’t back down!!!

I ended up not going because I really couldn’t relive that experience. Many of you may be confused as to how I was still talking to him, I’m also confused myself. I don’t get it. See his words “I’ve enjoyed you”. @DamolaKO you’re a rapist and a sociopath and we go jam for court

I can count six ladies who have reached out to me that he sexually assaulted them. This same guy!! This nigga is gonna be off the streets soon and that’s a promise

I see all your kind words of support and I really really appreciate and this has been a huge step for me but I’m a step closer to total healing. Best believe, I’ll be seeing him in court. Thank you all so much

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