Boy dresses as a girl to prom and is crowned Prom Queen

A teenage boy dressed as a girl to his prom party and was crowned Prom Queen.

Xavier Parkins, 15, took six hours to get ready, doing his own make-up, and putting on his short pink strapless dress that he designed with the help of a dressmaker. He wore matching heels and did his own hair and nails for the outing at Pride Park stadium in Derby.

His entire look was such a hit that he was voted Prom Queen by fellow pupils at Lees Brook Community School.

His mum Sharnee, 45, reacted proudly to her son’s win, saying: “I’m totally humbled, I can’t imagine where you get the courage at the age of 15 to do that, it is so brave. His friends were really supportive. A few people weren’t happy for him but that was outweighed by the positive feedback.”

“Xav was hoping to get the Best Dressed award because it isn’t gender-biased, but he did say he’d love to get Prom Queen.

“It was his peers who voted for him which is an accolade because it takes a lot of courage for them to come out and support it as well.”

Sharnee added that Xavier’s brothers are “so proud” and her eldest son texted Xavier on the day of his prom to say “I love you”. 

She said: “I always say to him, if you’re happy at home you can cope with anything. Dressing up is a leisure activity for him. With it being Pride month as well it’s even more poignant, if it can help one person who is struggling with their sexuality. He wants to be a Drag Queen but he’s very academic too so he could do anything. He’s got a very wise head on his shoulders.”

According to Metro UK, Xavier said he normally does his make-up at home, and has only dressed in drag in public when he performed at a charity event to raise funds for a young boy who had cancer.

Reacting to his prom look, Xavier said: “It was quite scary at first, but when I walked in everyone said ‘you look so good’. One of my teachers was taking photos with people and he didn’t know who I was. When he later found out it was me, it was amazing. Some lads were saying things about me, but I didn’t really care.

“I really wanted to win Prom Queen to cause a stir because it would be so unexpected.”

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