The Nigerian Defence Academy Crushed His Dreams- Friend defends Mbaneto Sopulu facing death penalty for drug trafficking

Yesterday a viral news which stirred up arguments on social media surfaced online, involving a Nigerian man identified as Sopuluchukwu Mbaneto, 22, alongside another Nigerian, Azubuike Obiaghanwa Onwigbolu, 32, arrested by the police in the Philippines for drug trafficking.

Mbaneto Sopuluchukwu alleged friend has taken to social media to blame the Nigerian government for his friend’s predicament.

Sopulu Maneto who was a student of University of Nigeria Secondary School Nsukka and also an ex- cadet of the Nigerian army was caught in the Philippines in a failed drug mission.

Sopuluchukwu Mbaneto was among suspects arrested in the Philippines with a N125m worth of drugs.

Sopulu among others was apprehended in a buy-bust operation on Saturday (April 20 2019). The Philippines Dangerous Drugs Act prescribes the death penalty for drug traffickers.

His friend took to his page to blame the Nigerian government for not welcoming him leaving no choice but to push drugs.

Read what he wrote below.

I can’t keep quiet in this, Sopulu is a product of the Nigerian System. If Sopulu dies by hanging in Philippines its because of the Nigerian government.

I know Sopulu he is like a brother to me he is in his early twenties, when he was in Secondary school he was a senior prefect of University secondary school Nsukka.

His only goal in life was to serve the Nigerian army. He got accepted into NDA and he was a cadet until he was beaten and his leg broken by senior cadets in NDA and was given a month to heal.

and when his knee couldn’t heal, he was not allowed more time by the army. he wasn’t able to continue with his dreams to become a soldier. That was when he left the country….if the military wasn’t gruesome in their treatment of beating and their cadets to the extent of severe physical damage this will never had happened. 

This is the story of a 22 year old Nigerian. Now facing death penalty in the Philippines.

See the post shared by Instablog below.

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