Tragic!!! Man stabs his fiancee four times In the neck for mocking his ‘small’ manhood

A man reportedly stabbed his fiancee four times to death in Austria after she mocked him for having a small manhood.

According to Mirror UK, the man identified as Daban K, who is from Iraq, murdered the woman after she had sheltered him from the Austrian authorities for several years.  

However, after he was arrested for murder, the 40-year-old blamed the attack that saw him stab his partner at least four times in the neck, on the deceased, saying she had a habit of mocking his inability.

He also claimed that his late partner was unfaithful. In a conversation with Sigrun Rossmanith, a court psychiatrist, Daban K, whose full name has not beeen released due to Austrian privacy laws, said:

“She was a good woman to me, but she repeteadly insulted me. She cheated on me three times with other men and did not want to have sex with me anymore. One day she told me that my penis was  too small.”

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