Clothing should be gender neutral – Nigerian lady says

A Nigerian lady took to Twitter to share her opinion concerning ‘gender neutral’.

The Twitter user identified as, @OmogeDami, said that clothing changes with culture, also arguing that skirts are better for men. See what she wrote below;

Trousers are not masculine clothes, skirts are not feminine clothes. These things change with culture. IN FACT, skirts are better for male people, it allows their balls breathe.

All clothing should be gender neutral.

Liking to put on makeup should not be considered “feminine” it shouldn’t be any different from how some people like wearing dark colours or urban wear or tattoos. It should be an appearance preference.. full stop.

he went on to argue against gender, saying it is trash, she wrote;

The whole idea of “feminine”/”masculine” presents the idea that there are two polar points on a straight line and some of us fall on either or somewhere in-between when in reality it’s a circle, there’s no straight line.

In reality, there’re no feminine and masculine things, just things. things can be calm and gentle, brash and harsh, mellow and subtle.. things have characteristics and feminine/masculine are tremendously ineffective ways of grouping them.

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