Kenya police officers shocked as hunted female suspected criminal happens to be a man

Police in Lamu County, Kenya, on Wednesday,  were left shocked as hunted female suspected criminal believed to have hidden in a house at Pambaroo-Kashmiri area happens to be a man .

Police officers were told by neighbours that the man had moved into the neighbourhood recently, and “not so much information about him was known”.

The law enforcement agents were looking for a suspected criminal, who, they believed, lived among the Pambaroo residents. When neighbours were asked to share any information that could help lead to the arrest of the said-gangster, they directed the police officers to the man’s house, saying they suspected he engaged in criminal activities.

Upon storming the suspect’s house, the officers, however, met a “woman” in the house. Neighbours insisted that they had never seen any woman inhabiting the place, prompting police to interrogate the suspicious “woman”.

Upon being questioned, the “woman” said (s)he “relocated to Lamu from Nairobi recently”.

The law enforcement officers, however, sensed something was amiss about the suspect, given his voice and inconsistencies in the details he shared about himself.

They arrested him and took him to the police station, where they discovered he was actually a man despite sporting a buibui, and women’s clothes.
Bras, ladies panties, make-up and other women’s clothes were found in his house.

In another bag, however, were men’s clothes and a driving license bearing his name.
Police say they are detaining the man to establish his motive of impersonating women.

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