Businesses to start up with school fees

There are many businesses to start up with school fees (small money).

Businesses doesn’t have to be a huge one or a small one, let’s say it depends on the amount of money you have.

Setting up your own business and working for yourself is a great way to earn some extra money.

Businesses to start with small amount

1.Start an essay business

Starting up an essay business requires less or no money.

Essay business requires:

  1. Good writing skills
  2. Ability to easily tell a story
  3. Little fund to publish your book after writing
  4. Be outspoken so as to convince and attract buyers

2. Sell a uni essentials welcome package – stationery, kitchen kit, discount vouchers – that can be delivered to freshers’ rooms

This is a wonderful idea to start up.

First start with buying kitchen stationeries that you can afford. Sell them to students arbor affordable prices.

3. Typing and editing business.

Well the only expensive equipment here is the typing and editing machine, but after purchasing the machine your business is good to go.

4. Recharge card business

5. Photography business

6. Website develop.

7. Graphic designer.

8. Blogging business.

9. Vlogging business.

10. Pastries and Cake Making

11. Freelance Writing

12. Make-up artist

13. House painting

14. Art gallery

15. Videography

16. Hairdressing salon

17. Nail studio

18. Weight loss consultancy

19. Jewelry making

20. Food vendor

21. Sports viewing centers

22. Video Game Center

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