Kemi Adetiba reacts to the drama generated by Falz’ “transactional s*x” comment

Following Falz new song, “Talk” where he slut-shamed ‘runz girls’, Nigerians came after him, but Falz replied them  by saying he hates ‘transactional s*x’.

Read what he said below;

Shamelessly I will continue to say, I detest transactional sex. It’s my thing, it is what I believe in. I will explain to you. The same feminist that will say the woman is free to do whatever she wants to do and also tell the woman not to put herself up for money, are the same feminists that will say the women are being objectified. Now you are the same person that is going ahead to “commodify” yourself, you turned yourself into a commodity. Self Objectification, self commodification I detest it and I will continue to detest it.

Kemi Adetiba who reacted to Falz’ transactional s*x comment, stated that both genders should be called out.

She said she wouldn’t want anyone she knows to engage in transactional sex, hence, she won’t support it. She, however, pointed out that both the ‘transactor’ and the ‘transactee’ should be called out and both do not deserve her respect.

Read her opinions below.

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