Bovi apologizes to Daddy Freeze for calling him out

Comedian, Bovi, who blasted radio presenter, Daddy Freeze, defending his colleague, Akpororo over tithe paying here.

According to Bovi, he said realized he misinterpreted Freeze’s massage, after close friends explained everything to him, making him realize that he got the massage wrong.

Bovi has apologized to Freeze, telling him that he sorry and that he reacted so fast.

Read his apology massage below.

“Like I said in one of my now deleted tweets, my response had nothing to do with Freezes gospel. Honestly never been interested. I wrongly thought he attacked Akpororo in a sensitive way and by extension, the borderless license of comedians.i was defendin like Ali always did 4 us.”

“Thanks @nevadabridgetv and Robert Peters. Yo Freeze! I’m sorry again. In this case, you weren’t an asshole. You fooled me. You win.”



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