WOW!!! Servant caught by his master while having s*x with his housemaid in his car

The master identified as, Ikedi Mmaduegbunam, said the boy has served him for seven years and was supposed to be settled this December before he caught them having s*d.

The servant was sent back to the village by his master because of the act, but he is asking if he should settle him or not.

See what he wrote.

My people, i need your advice.

James is my first nwa boyi. I brought him to Lagos just six months after my settlement….and he has served me for seven years now. I suppose to settle him this Christmas….but something happened last Sunday.

I woke up around 2am , my phone battery was flat and we didn’t have light. I decided to go and charge it in my car. I got to the car and saw James having s*x with our house help inside the car.

Right now, he’s in the village waiting for me.

Does he still deserve settlement?

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