Nina’s instagram hacker demands a ransom of N800,000

Nina’s Instagram account has been hacked and the hacker is demanding for N800,000 otherwise Nina’s account would not be released.

The hacker first shared a screenshot of Nina telling Alex how much she misses her .

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Then in another post abused Nina’s fans.

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#TeamNina most useless bunch of nincompoops liveth! Ordinarily 800tousand una no delivery I am crying hihihihihi. OK for una information even instagram no fit hack tis account I am Yusuf a certified system hacker! I study am for school 5years come out with certificate na wetin put food for my table. Make u people deliver nina I will post accout number next and it is unhackable and untraceable kikiki I will release the password when the money complete. @tundeednut @realmercyaigbeMake una get ready, BUSTED!’


Continue to read the hacker’s post on Nina’s Instagram page.

“poverty full Nigeria I will come and eradicate it after carrying money from this page, we will create a charity page and then have meeting on how we will hack all these useless celebrity s account and make money to help the needy all the care is diaself buying the latest tings witout konsider that people are suffering.”

Nina has warned her followers not to fall victim for the scam through her Twitter account and that her Instagram account was hacked

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