Three brothers arrested for kidnapping the daughter of their church member in Ondo State

Three brothers and their suspected accomplice were arrested fr kidnapping the 6 years old daughter of their church members, they were identified as Joy Ramond, 19, Peace Ramond, 24, and Ayomide Ramond, 16 and their accomplice Akiber Nseye Oluwayomi, 18.

The Jehovah witness members that kidnapped the girl were arrested after  Afolabi Oladapo reported the matter of her daughter, Jamama, kidnapped  during a church service by unidentified people on November 21st.

Jamama was later released after a ransom of N720,000 was paid to the kidnappers on November 22nd.

The kidnappers were arrested shortly after the ransom was paid, the kidnappers were tracked down by a team of policemen where the money was paid in an uncompleted building.

Speaking to newsmen, Joy, admitted that the victim was a daughter of their church member.

Read her story

“I have always seen the girl running out of the Kingdom Hall whenever we are having our meeting; that day, I was coming from my working place and saw her outside the hall around 7 p.m.

I asked her where she was going to, and warned her to be careful so as not to be kidnapped. I later decided to take her home from where I called the parents to inform them that the girl was with me.

That particular night I could not reach the parents on phone, but I got them the next morning and the mother came to pick the girl. I decided to scare her because I learned that she is the only girl in the family and was being pampered by the parents.

I kept her to scare her so as to discourage her from straying around. It may be another person that called them and fabricated the kidnap story so as to dupe them,” she claimed. 



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