Couples that met on Facebook shares their pre-wedding pictures

A lady told her story on how she met her soon to be husband on Facebook.

Anita Okonofua took to her Facebook page to reveal that at first she never liked her soon to be husband, Akparawa Bokime Asuquo and he was not her type, she only sees his posts and ignores them.

So on a faithful day, she saw his campaign posters which signified that he was running for a post and she decided to tell her soon to be husband what she felt about it.

Read her love story below

Love Story:

He was my friend on Facebook but we never chatted, even though I saw some of his posts, I took no notice.

All these political people, nki dogho do interested.

I never liked him (nki bata bad anye)

I remember making fun of him with a friend once…

One day I saw a poster of him, he was contesting for a position; I felt it was a complete joke because I knew he wouldn’t win at that time. So I Went to his inbox to tell him bluntly what I felt about him and his poster.

That was the first time we chatted. He asked for my number, I RELUCTANTLY gave him my “business number.” I prayed he wouldn’t call.

That night, oga sent a love text, I rolled my eyes in contempt (mme ani do ayem). In my mind he wasn’t up to the standard I dated or had in mind to date, I mean, I was even quiting a relationship I called ‘standard’.

I didnt know God was in a corner laughing.

God’s ways clearly differs from man’s ways!

Thereafter the baba called and I just knew I had entered one chance!

I finally met him on my sister’s wedding day and he WILLINGLY paid for all my pictures, he stayed with me till the very end. I was amazed at his kindess… I had found a diamond in the rough.

Overtime, I have learnt not to judge a book by its cover.

I have learnt what it means to love and be loved unconditionally.

I have learnt about sacrifice, forgiveness and hope.

I have learnt what it means to be courageous and determined against all odds.

We’ve been termed an unlikely pair with little connecting interests but we’ve been through the hurdles of a relationship even though we were a thousand miles apart.

We have trusted and believed in God and each other.

God has blessed me and I am thankful.

One year and 3 months later we will be saying ‘I do’ and spending a lifetime together.

I’m saying “I do” to my friend, cheer Master and partner in everi everi!!!!

Dear friends share in our joy, be happy for us, pray for us.

It’s the 22nd and 24th of November … one week to Go!

#Kimani2018 #Abasi_Ikpong_Abene_Owo

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