Fella Makafui’s Sugar Daddy seizes the car he bought for her

Fella Makafui sugar daddy’s takes back all the gifts he bought for her, after a video of her kissing her rapper friend now turned lover went viral.

Her sugar daddy who is now her ex, was filmed in public taking back the car he bought for her when they were still in love after she shared a video of her kissing her new rapper boyfriend, Medikal.

The angry ex was seen taking off the customized plate number attached to her car before taking it to her shop in a viral video, also in a leaked Whatsapp chat, they are claims that Fella Makafui may had undergone three abortions for the sugar daddy telling him that she is not yet ready to settle down.
Also in the chat, it revealed that Fella Makafui’s sugar daddy paid for the award she was nominated for to be given to her.
See Fella Makafui’s car

See the Whatsapp chat that was leaked

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