Dencia claps back at Fuse ODG and others for criticizing her whitening cream

Beauty Entrepreneur and singer, Dencia slams some celebrities who bashed her whitening cream on Twitter.

Burna boy also slammed Blac Chyna and Dencia and warned Nigerians not to patronize their creams which he called poison, he also encouraged black girls to keep loving their color.

see his post below.

Ghanaian singer, Fuse ODG also criticized the idea of bringing Blac Chyna to Nigeria to sell her bleaching cream.

See what the wrote.

“Lagos, I hope you are NOT going to this!! It’s time to fight against self hate agendas in Africa. We are ok with our melanin and are changing the narrative of what real beauty is and it’s certainly not bleaching our skin to be lighter…we must to continue to love ourselves as Africans 🌍
Lots of love to my Nigerians always 🇳🇬🇬🇭💚 ”

Jackie Aina also joined in those slamming Blac Chyna and Dencia for coming to Nigeria to sell their product, she told them to keep their products out from Nigeria.

See her posts on Twitter.

Dencia fired back at Nigerian singer Burna boy and Ghanaian singer Fuse ODG for criticizing and condemning her product, she also fired back Jackie Aina.

See her reply to Burna boy and Fuse ODG.


Jackie Aina and Dencia also exchanged insults on Twitter.

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