Ufuoma McDermott advises people to stop bringing down other people’s types of birth

Ufuoma McDermott is an actor, a producer and also a director. She had her son through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), she advised people to stop hurting others by making them feel its wrong to give birth any kind of way.

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DO NOT DENY YOURSELF …If you so desire, the joy of #motherhood .

My son was born EXACTLY 2 And half years after we got married.
I wanted to wait. My husband obliged.
When we were ready, I wanted twins.
#IVF was the choice. We could afford it.
I had two embryos inserted. God decided Isio would stay.
On the 10th of October 2012 my beautiful #IVFBaby was delivered by C-section. ❤

SO WHAT????😡 This post is for all of you keyboard cowards trying to downplay and devalue the joys of a child’s arrival into a new “world” whether it’s

by #Surrogacy #Adoption #ArtificialInsemination #Donorsperm #DonorEgg #DonorEmbryo #GIFT Gamete intrafallopian transfer #ZIFTZygote intrafallopian transfer … You are just illiterate chickens.
And to my fine women and men out there who wish on parenthood, there are options. Speak to your doctor and don’t let any illiterate chicken in the society stop you from pouring all that love unto a child no matter what method you decide on.


Our society needs to wake up and appreciate the knowledge God has bestowed on doctors and medical practitioners.
#InternationalChildrensDay was yesterday, but I choose to celebrate all our children everyday.

Ufuoma McDermott and her son

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