Popular bloggers Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko Korkus blast each other on Instagram, Stella Dimoko Korkus calls Linda Ikeji an idiot

Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko Korkus exchange words

Nigerian blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus through Instagram called out Linda Ikeji mother of one for stealing her exclusive content without applauding her.

Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko Korkus

below is a message from Stella Dimoko Korkus to Linda Ikeji.

“Linda the next time you want to lift an interview I did,there is something called GIVING CREDIT. The next time you try it again I will teach you that two can play. Enough already. Quoting an interview I did as if the interviewer does not exist is wrong. This is me talking. I fear no one and keeping quiet doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk. Enough said!”

Linda Ikeji also blasted Stella Dimoko Korkus.

see what she wrote

Linda Ikeji’s reply

Stella also replied Linda calling her an idiot.

see her reply to Linda

“You are just an idiot for replying me this way in a disrespectful manner. Maybe you should refer to your family as HANTY. You are an idiot for that reference Linda. If you want to fight in the mud ,come on! When you lifted all my stories from Encomium to build your Blog I didn’t call you out but from now on I will show you how to steal stories and look the other way. If you want to call names I have plenty for you,don’t push me.i pick my battles and you are small fry. You are a content thief and nothing will change that. Reply me again please!”

This battle between the bloggers Linda Ikeji and Stella Dimoko Korkus is sure not going to end any time soon… what do you think???

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