kemi olunloyo, a Nigerian journalist weighs into Stella Dimoko Korkus and Linda Ikeji’s beef

Kemi olunloyo who is Nigeria’s leading International Journalist who has blasted Linda Ikeji for having a surrogate baby seems to be picking sides with Linda’s rival Stella Dimoko Korkus as she blasted her again.

See what Kemi Olunloyo has to say.

“#HNNGossip I’m the only NIGERIAN in the Top 10 pioneer bloggers in the world @time magazine 1999. Many of you were babies when this started in 2006. Linda is a blogger, Stella and I are Journalists. There is a big difference. Journalists who blog are called professional bloggers. Mr Aye Dee took Linda’s blog down for 29 hours because of copyright infringement. I was the first to fight for Linda behind the scenes and told you her blog will return live at midnight and it did plus I tweeted it #LIVE. My Twitter genius @tade355 go find me those tweets. I called my friend Sergei Brim co-founder of Google who linked with Google Nigeria. The beef here is long-standing. At the Nigerian Tribune in 2013, I was told to do a story on Nigeria’s top Female bloggers. When I compiled the list, Stella declined to be featured if Linda was on it. Next I was Linda’s victim. The 2013 gun story where she diminished my brand. I dropped the Tribune story and instead I wrote a story on how Nigerian bloggers have generally failed because of copying and syndicating each other. Linda also made fun of Stella’s oyinbo babies saying she slept with oil expats and didn’t know the father of her kids when she actually married one and had kids with him before they moved to Germany. I watched all this play out from 2005-2018. The solution now is Linda, keep your interns trained on photo credits and sourcing info. Someone will take down your blog permanently like what happened to Twitter. That could collapse your empire. Don’t let it happen!! We are web logging and logging the web is not all copy and paste. #WEBLOGGING without the we is what is termed blogging. You must credit and source content from the web meaning other people’s work. Cheers Kemi Olunloyo–Journalist💞💕🇳🇬”

Kemi Olunloyo also went futher to post another picture of Linda Ikeji getting blasted with a capture,

“This post killed me before the scorpion in my toilet (next post😂😂) Ouch Linda! They are so vicious at #Nairaland

she also shared another post.

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